lineworks and space is a company formed by a talented and young landscape architect and architect whom combined with common aspiration and vision of injecting new breed of ideas into landscape architecture profession in Malaysia.

    Lineworks and space’s landscape designing vision and attitude inclines towards natural instinct by composing the element of arts and fine manifestation of site surrounding before turning it into a seductive design that demonstrates more about the landscape architecture, not a typical garden design that often regarded as a secondary static architectural accompaniment.

    The enthusiasm to generate finest landscape design is always practiced right from the inception of the jobs, through their passion in their works, ideas, presentations, technical aspect, up-to-date design aesthetic value and the quality of the final product delivered during site implementation. Thus, it creates a good quality landscape design that contributes to the broader architectural and environmental experience.


    THE EPIC: pre-CCC inspection

    we inspected  the site yesterday prior to CCC inspection and authority inspection. floating lounge  floating lounge  floatin...


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